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General Introduction:
The ovarian cyst is a capsulated growth which occurs in the ovaries on single or both sides.
Here I am describing only 4 cases of ovarian cyst one of which  is 5 X 3.5 CM they are treated with ayurvedic treatment and do not require any surgical removal and that too in the span of just 70-90 days.
Case 1:    
Patient name : Komal             PATIALA
Age : 36 yrs.
Patient came with complaint of excessive bleeding during the menstrual period bleeding days extended up to 10-15 days. Her ultrasound reports showed
Rt. ovarian cyst of 28 X 26 mm of size
complete ayurvedic treatment was given for 3 months, achievements are as follows:
1. Normal bleeding during periods
2. ultrasound reports showed normal ovaries.
Case 2:
Patient name ; Pritam Kaur            PATIALA
Age: 37 yrs.
The patient came with complaints of pain and heaviness in abdomen especially in Rt. iliac region
excessive bleeding during menstrual periods . her ultrasound report showed Rt. ovarian cyst of 5 X 3.5 cm
Complete ayurvedic treatment was given for 70 days after that  ultrasound was performed which showed both the ovaries were normal, bleeding was also normal during menstrual periods.
Case 3:    
Patient name: Amarjit kaur     PATIALA
Age: 37 yrs
Patient comes with complaint of pain and heaviness in abdomen and abdomen was also distended , ultrasound reports revolves Rt ovarian cyst of 32.9 X 32.1 mm
After 3 months of treatment again ultrasound was performed which showed normal ovaries clinical sign and symptoms were also normal
Case 4:    
Name : Reena             PANCHKULA
Age : 34 yrs
The patient come with delayed menstrual cycle, loss of appetite and constipation . No conception even after  4 yrs of marriage.
ultrasound reports showed Rt ovarian cyst of 35 X 22 mm of size.

Case 5:

Name : Kavita             SANGRUR
Chief complaint : Acute paint lower abdomen
Menstrual flow less than normal
USCT report : Left Uvarian CYST measuring
1 46.2mm
2 35.1 mm

USG report 28/08/09
Normal left ovary
All the above cases shows that ladies who are suffering from heavy bleeding disorders or any menstrual disorder along with ovarian cyst can be fully treated with ayurvedic treatment and there's no need of hysterectomy or hormone replacement therapy.

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